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Langstone Sailing Club : Covid-19/CORONAVIRUS ( 30/06/2020 ) ** Bar not opening the 4th July further updates soon **
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Covid-19/CORONAVIRUS ( 30/06/2020 ) ** Bar not opening the 4th July further updates soon **

Published 00:39 on 6 Mar 2020


Commodores announcement :

A brief announcement out to advise that there is no truth in the rumour that the bar or galley will open
on July 4th.

The Covid Taskforce are reviewing bar procedures currently to assess whether we can open it safely in due course.
The galley will remain closed for weekend food service and individual use.


Comm's Comms

LSC Covid-19 Update, June 20 2020

Dear Members

In the five weeks or so since my last official update, you will have seen or heard of significant progress at the club.

The Covid-19 Taskforce is now well established and takes the lead in measuring and implementing LSC's response to the changing situation. For any questions or other matters relating to the pandemic the first point of contact for all members is .

Most of the cruisers whose owners expressed a wish for a launch are now in the water, including three fin-keelers. Others will follow in the coming days.

Many of the privately owned dinghies are now accessible and available for use, subject to strict guidelines and as the next tranche of cruisers is lifted in, the dinghy park will reopen fully. This is operating on a 'first come first served' basis this year with no allocated pitches.

Members' paddle boards, kayaks and the like are also available for use now.

In the last week we have reopened the terrace and picnic tables, with social distancing in place. Please read and respect the rules which are posted prominently nearby. Buckets, sponges and detergent is provided for you to wash down the tables before / after use.

The male, female and disabled toilet facilities in the clubhouse are available for use by members, but this does not include changing areas or showers which remain closed. Only one member or household is permitted in each one at a time and supplies of sanitiser and cleaners are provided in the hallway. The hot air hand dryers have been switched off and the hand towels supplied should be used instead.

In addition to the club facilities there is also a temporary 'Portaloo'. This is unisex and available to all, without the need for entering the building at all. There is hand sanitiser inside it and the outside sink is immediately adjacent. All the toilet facilities are currently being cleaned several times a week.

Duties have of course been disrupted, with no racing, galley, bar or work parties taking place. Some people have carried out duties, for example during the lift-in period and they will be credited as usual. As the club gradually reopens we are now needing extra help with maintenance, slip-cleaning, etc. so please contact Ray Watterson or Mike Jessett for details.

Most members should now be able to look forward to some sailing this year. The various guidelines we have produced, see: are important as by following them and the current government rules you allow us to keep the club open and to gradually reopen more parts of it. I hope we will have more to announce soon!

Tim Wilyman, Commodore

20th June 2020


LSC Covid-19 Update, May 16 2020

Dear Members

Following the Government's lifting of some of the lockdown restrictions, and a risk assessment and mitigation measures put in place, we are delighted to be starting a phased reopening of Langstone Sailing Club. This reopening is on a pilot basis and variations will be made with experience and further government or RYA advice - both tightening and relaxing of the restrictions are possible. The latest advice will be found at:

Please read all the text below before coming to the club:


1. From 07:00 tomorrow, Sunday 17th May the Club will be open for access to the water for permitted exercise in dinghies, cruisers and other watercraft.

2. Access will be allowed to: the car park, boat park, wooden boatshed, slipway and tender pens.

3. The Clubroom, bar, restaurant, upper terrace and changing rooms remain CLOSED to members. The only access upstairs is for equipment maintenance and committee members accessing the office.

4. The toilets are open subject to: only one person in each toilet area at a time (Mens/Ladies/Disabled). Wash or sanitise your hands before you enter and wash your hands before exit.

5. Please bring your own antiviral gel/wipes and use them on any communal surfaces.

6. You must be self-sufficient with people from within your household for; launch, sailing and recovery. Please do not go out if you need external help, for example to recover your boat.

7. Please travel in your sailing kit or be prepared to change discreetly in the car park.

8. Club dinghies will be NOT available for hire and club motor boats are not available.

9. Please do not touch other people's equipment.


1. Please be prepared to queue to launch or recover, especially at busy times.

2. Only one household launching or recovering at one time - please wait until the slipway is clear.

3. Keep to the right on the slipway.

6. Washdown facilities should only be used by one household at a time.

7. The pontoon should only be used by one household at a time.

8. Picnic benches and tables will not be available.


1. No organised racing or training at present.

2. No Safety boats will be available.

3. Single handers, or 2-handed dinghies with helm and crew from same household, can sail.

4. Single handers might sail with a buddy dinghy for safety.

5. Cruisers can do same-day sailing from home berth with crew from same household.

6.Tenders must only carry people from the same household.

7. Sailors make their own decision whether to sail, but the Club recommends adhering to an upper wind speed limit of 16 knots (maximum of force 4 on Beaufort scale).

8. The Club recommends that dinghies, SUPs, kayaks etc stay within sight of the Club at all times.

9. Once finished and packed away please leave the site promptly.

10. No overnight stays on boats either ashore or on the water.


1. Lift-in 2020 will potentially commence on Wednesday 20th May with a reduced number of launches each day - affected owners will be contacted individually and informed of the schedule and CovidSecure launch procedure that will be used.

2. Due to the reduced intensity the slipway will still be available for other users during lift-in. Please be mindful of boat movements with the tractor and follow government guidelines at all times.

3. Tractor and hoist operators must contact Mooring & Berthing Officer for specific Covid-19 requirements before operating equipment.


1. All areas and equipment at LSC are a potential source of infection - please follow Government guidelines and respect 2m social distancing AT ALL TIMES

2. Do not come to LSC if you or any member of your household feels unwell

3. If you feel unwell whilst at LSC please go home immediately

4. If you are confirmed Covid-19 positive within 7 days of your last visit to LSC, please advise the club.

4. Regularly wash your hands or use hand sanitisers.

5. The Club will not be able to enforce the guidance above and so we rely on all members' judgement and courtesy to ensure that these guidelines work for all.

6. It is members' responsibility to keep themselves safe, and they choose to come to LSC and get on the water at their own risk.


1. Latest guidance will always be on the LSC website, - please check regularly and before coming to the club.

2. For any questions or comments around the LSC Covid response, please email

3.This is an evolving situation. We will continue to monitor all Government, RYA, Chichester Harbour Conservancy and other related announcements and keep you informed of any changes. More details and information will be published as they become available.

4.The Club encourages everyone to be considerate and conservative in their actions in and around the Club.

We hope this will be the start of another enjoyable if somewhat delayed season.

With best wishes

Your General Committee


LSC Covid-19 Update, May 14 2020

Although DEFRA announced yesterday that sailing can start again, we must continue to exercise caution at LSC. Please bear with us while we analyse the risks and put measures in place to protect members' safety during the pandemic.

The implications for our members sailing dinghies or launching tenders from LSC's boat park are quite considerable and it is necessary to consider every step involved in a launch, sail and recovery to ensure that this can be carried out safely. As I said in my last update, this has been a considerable task involving long hours for some of our volunteer members and we are coping with a constantly evolving situation.

LSC response to the Covid Crisis will be taken forward by a Covid taskforce which I shall lead. Our terms of reference will be based on the guidelines published by the RYA and driven through risk assessment and mitigation, at all times respecting government guidelines and regulations. All of this will be constantly reviewed and updated as government guidance and experience within the club progresses. The aim is to resume our activities safely and in a timely fashion for the benefit of all.

There will be regular communication to the members and a feedback path for members to contact the taskforce.

As a general statement, LSC will not organise, encourage or condone any activity that is in contravention of government or RYA advice. Where that advice is open to interpretation, LSC will take a conservative approach in the best interests of our most vulnerable members - however it will be assumed that all members adhere to government advice appropriate to them, and mitigation will be on that basis.

The cruiser sailors who want to get going are of course dependant on a launch. Plans are almost finalised for that and an announcement is likely very soon. As we understand the situation you are now free to work on your boat in preparation, subject to observing all the current government guidance, see . Be particularly careful around areas others may have touched, like ladders, power bollards, hoses.

At present the clubhouse must remain closed and this includes the toilets and changing rooms. We will provide toilet facilities soon. Please take all your rubbish home, do not use the big bins, which have not been collected recently.

Chichester Harbour Conservancy's latest announcement, dated yesterday, (after DEFRA's announcement) contains some useful information and can be seen at

One final point:- check the website for up to date information do not rely on Facebook posts which don't come from me or another Club officer.

Tim Wilyman, Commodore

14th May 2020


LSC Covid-19 Update, May 10, 2020

To all members,

You will no doubt have seen one or two people emerging during the hot weather and launching a paddleboard or a tender, or going for a swim as the temptation of the water becomes too much to bear. These activities have not been sanctioned by the Government although they may be at any time.

Your General Committee are working hard to put in place a strategy which will allow us to reopen the club safely and in accordance with whatever rules and timetable are set.

Please be aware that irrespective of any government announcement later today, the club will remain closed until we have put suitable arrangements in place and those arrangements and an opening date will be communicated to members as soon as possible.

Tim Wilyman, Commodore

10th May 2020


LSC Covid-19 Update, April 19 2020
I hope all Langstone Sailing Club members are managing to avoid Covid-19 and are keeping safe and well in these strange times.

Government restrictions on isolation and social distancing mean that we cannot make any firm plans for the rest of 2020 or confirm that our planned events will take place. The Flag Officers and General Committee are having regular discussions and virtual meetings to ensure the club keeps ticking over and that we are ready to start normal service as soon as possible.
We have applied for grant aid from the Government's local authority fund for small businesses and we will investigate the possibility of relief on mooring fees and harbour dues paid to CHC on behalf of the Club and members.
Some of you may be wondering whether the club is going to offer a discount on the 2020 membership as we are currently unable to partake in any form of sailing or take advantage of the facilities. The Club understands your frustration, after all you would not normally pay for something that you cannot use. However, these are not normal times and it is at this time when the club most needs your loyalty and fees to ensure we make it through this difficult period to be there for you in the better times.
Langstone Sailing Club's assets belong to all its members and the General Committee are reviewing the possibility of offering a discount to loyal members who have paid their subscriptions in 2020 via a one-off reduction in 2021 which is fair to all. This will only happen if we are completely satisfied that the Club's financial position permits. Further details of this will follow, if appropriate, when the situation returns to normal and matters become clear.
When the chance comes we hope to enable everyone who wants to get on the water to do so. To help with that Nigel Catling is sending out a poll to cruiser owners to find out who wishes their boat to be launched this year, depending on when this is allowed. When possible, the dinghy sailing programme will resume, although the dinghy park layout may be different from usual if there are more cruisers ashore.
Meanwhile how about some virtual racing? I gather the Juniors may be considering this as a temporary substitute for the real thing.
Tim Wilyman, Commodore
19th April 2020


27/03/2020 : LANGSTONE SAILING CLUB is now closed until further notice.

Check the link Chichester Harbour Conservancy LATEST NEWS


16/03/2020 : Coronavirus Comm's Comms

Coronavirus Comm's Comms

To all members,

Today the Prime Minister has announced: "everyone should now avoid social contact with others and stop non-essential travel to fight coronavirus."

Langstone Sailing Club takes the health and safety of members very seriously. In view of the developing crisis some actions are being taken by the club to protect us all. These actions remain effective until 1st May 2020 and will be reviewed in mid- April to confirm whether they can be relaxed or not.

  • From now on there will be no galley openings to serve lunches at weekends.
  • After Wednesday evening 18th March, the bar will close.
  • All social events are cancelled, including private members' parties.
  • A special Lift In schedule will operate to minimize personal contact as far as possible.
  • The following dinghy sailing events are cancelled: Spring 1&2 and JIB and Pro-Am (19th, 25th26th April respectively)
  • The dinghy move is postponed.
  • All cruiser rallies are cancelled.

Thank you to all those members who had volunteered for slots in March and April. If you are unable to perform duties due to self-isolation or cancellation please volunteer again when normal service resumes.

The club house remains open for members to use the facilities. Please do not enter the premises if you feel unwell or have tested positive for Covid-19. Keep your eye on the club website for more news . Details regarding the lift in plans are on the club website and posted on the noticeboard.

Tim Wilyman, Commodore

Last updated 17:27 on 27 February 2021

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